Charlotte Stage & Sound the Choice for 5K Fun Runs

This article from FOH Magazine covers how we provide staging and audio for themed fun runs and 5k races like The Color Run and Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge (now the Wipeout Run) throughout the country.

In addition to a variety of announcements, these races have music, instructions about the obstacles runners will encounter, and more. To ensure the best possible sound quality for key aspects of the race, the race employs loudspeakers by WorxAudio® Technologies, a division of PreSonus®.

Charlotte Stage and Sound, an event-production and A/V installation company in Concord, North Carolina, provides sound reinforcement for many of these races. “Both events are themed fun runs,” explains company CEO Tim Troutman. “For both races, we set up a ‘start chute’ of audio that provides audio coverage for participants before they begin the race. A DJ/emcee speaks to the crowd and warms them up. The ROC race has small-format audio systems all over the course to provide obstacle instructions and environmental music, while both events have an after-party area with a larger audio system. This is very critical for The Color Run, especially where we might have 10,000 or more people in a single setting, and we need to provide adequate coverage.”

Read the full article here.

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